Crashing Services

Thanks to the compact dimensions and structure, our crushing equipment can be moved underground in order to easily reach even the most inaccessible points and those with difficult access with other crushing machines


Vamping and Sweeping is a service we offer to recover ore-bearing materials left in stopes and cross cuts thereby reducing costs, increasing productivity and increasing value yield for our clients.

  • Stope cleaning
  • Re-sweeping or initial sweeping
  • Full reclamation of worked-out areas
  • Opening up of old or caved tunnels and other working areas
  • Vamping of worked out cross cuts



IMEX specializes in developing mineral ore bodies from various approaches and methods. Experience in the field of development covers both footwall off reef development as well as on reef development in different disciplines.

We are well established in the field of conventional, rail bound tunneling by means of mechanical drilling. Mining.



Our experience and expertise entails various mineral reef extraction methods and different stoping disciplines including narrow reef and high stoping width mining. Board pillar 


Rehabilitation of Working areas

  • Re–opening  of collapse tunnels ( Haulage  ) 
  • Scaling of the hanging walls and sidewalls. 
  • Re-support drilling and installation
  • ShotCrete of unstable areas 


Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning of undergrounds dams – removing all the mud that is been build up
  • Cleaning of shaft bottoms
  • Maintain and remove mud in the main Haulage and drains  


Tailing, Surface & Return water dams Rehabilitation

  • Remove silt that’s build up inside the dams 
  • Remove reeds that’s growing in the dams .
  • Rehabilitation of tailing dam walls