IMEX is an equal opportunity employer, providing jobs for in our community, whose lives and those of their families are dependant on the success of our company. We provide sustainable employment and rewarding career growth opportunities as well as opportunities for personal development. IMEX employees play an important part in ensuring successful delivery on our operational targets and strategy.


We strive to build world-class mining services and outperform industry peers.

We strive to foster growth and empowerment

We strive to maintain world class Health, Safety and Environmental standards in our business


We are HONEST in our dealings with each other and third parties.

Commitment and Dedication


We will help one another to succeed. Every person in the company shares in the responsibility to realize our Vision.

Our work is not over until we realize sustainable returns.

Employee Welfare

IMEX employs good people. As their employer, we bear the responsibility of ensuring their safety and providing a good quality of life for employees and their families. We want our people to realise their potential in conditions which are both comfortable and safe. We believe in continuous development of our employees, invest in their training and offer career opportunities. We seek to be an employer of choice in the communities in which we operate and to hire the very best people in the industry.

Health & Safety

IMEX is fully aware of the premium that mines place on safety standards, it has made itself fully conversant with the Mine's Safety Standards and Procedures.

Our workforce will strictly adhere to such standards and procedures. The company has also familiarized itself with the requirements with the Mine Health and Safety Act to ensure that its workforce at all times complies with the provisions of the Act. Competent members of the IMEX staff, who have been trained on the relevant occupational health and safety aspects of the work to be performed, are empowered to strictly enforce discipline in respect of the Act.

IMEX also undertakes not to use any unsafe machinery or equipment on the client 's premises. And anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substances will be barred from entering the premises.


We recognise the important role we can play in enabling the transformation of the economy and delivering employment and value to its host communities.

Through educational and economic development programs, IMEX is helping to close the gap between “potential” and “success” for young people. Our programs are helping people help themselves by giving them the motivation, training and access they need to prepare for careers and apply their expertise in new ways.

Training & Development

Local Procurement

In engaging with communities, IMEX has come to understand the desperate need for enterprise development and procurement opportunities on the part of communities. Some of the initiative by IMEX are:

  • Purchasing the PPE from a small BEE company
  • Outsources Human Resource Management to a BEE consultants
  • Bookkeeping and Auditing services outsourced to a BEE Company
  • Office space sources from a Black company