IMEX International Mining Experts (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic company that specializes in finding innovation solution and the lasted technological to add value to the Mining Industry.

The company was founded in 2013 by miners who have been in the mining game for over 20 years and have extensive knowledge and experience in alternative mining solutions. IMEX has been excelling within the mining sector ever since. 

Through restructuring of the business IMEX evolved to become a fully Level 1 BEE compliant company. Our BEE women shareholders bring a high level corporate expertise to our business. Especially in areas of corporate governance, transformation, statutory compliance and business development.

Since then IMEX has also partnered and formed Joint Ventures with the community organisation for delivery of small scale projects on various levels of service delivery, from full vamping to secondary support services. We pride ourselves on the fact that our satisfied clients continue to use our services with their new and growing operations. 

Our mining expertise and extensive experience in platinum, chrome and gold mines have empowered us to operate independently and with confidence in the increasingly competitive mining industry. We are proud of the projects that we have completed and sport a successful track record.

We firmly believe creating sustainable value equates to being responsible stewards of the environment, complying with the highest applicable safety standards, making positive economic and social contributions to communities, and engaging openly and transparently with all our stakeholders. It is only by engaging with our communities that we can be successful in the long term.



Specialist services:

  • Developing
  • Vamping:  Sweeping & Reclamation
  • Rehabilitation of working areas
  • Cleaning & Loading Services
  • Rock Crushing Services